Importing Guru Brendan Elias And The Secret Formula To Importing

The importing business is filled with intricacies and rife with complexities that could cost you your investments. There are regulations to consider, taxes to factor in, restrictions to know about — essentially, what you do not know can hurt you when it comes to the importing business.

It is also critical to add to your existing knowledge because at any time, changes could be introduced into the system. This is why you need to take the time to learn as much as you can about the business, to source out new information that may affect your operations, and to be very discerning about where you get your knowledge and information. Naturally, you will want to learn from people who have the proven experience and immaculate reputation in the importing business.

From China Import to Importing Training

Brendan Elias is known as the import guru. A Commerce Law graduate, Elias started learning about the importing business early on. His father, Nat Elias, actually pioneered the import of several items into Australia, namely Seiko watches and Donkey Kong handheld games.

Today, Elias uses what he’s learned in the importing business to help thousands of other entrepreneurs earn millions. The successful importing expert delivers focused trainings and courses on generating huge profits from the importing business. Elias’s methods are designed to assist importers and would-be importers through the process, enabling them to identify great products and create marketing strategies that get results.

Importing in China 101

Determining the product you want to market is the first ingredient to this “secret formula” in importing. According to Elias, you can go online and find suppliers for the products you wish to sell. Before doing business with the supplier, always vet them to ensure that they are a legitimate outfit. Elias also strongly recommends getting a product sample before signing any agreement. Scrutinise the quality of the merchandise and the packaging. A small fee may be required to get a sample but Elias mentions that it would be well worth the price because it gives you the ability to personally inspect the product before making any commitment.

Language barrier may prevent you from dealing with overseas suppliers. Elias’s personal tip is to make an effort to establish a connection with your supplier in China by keeping in touch on a regular basis or by sending treats unique to your own country. Elias says that by not giving up and working hard to build that supplier relationship, you may have access to better products sold at the best wholesale prices, both of which will help you be more competitive.

Elias also touches on the importance of including all the necessary details in your order, and that you should take time to familiarise yourself with all the trade terms. He lists down the following to start with:

  • FOB (Freight on Board, Free on Board)
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)
  • Landing Cost Calculation (total cost of a shipment when it lands, which may include customs duties and other taxes)

Finally, to keep your profits intact, Elias recommends nixing the middlemen or wholesalers. His advice is to go straight to the manufacturers. While this may require massive orders, as much as 1,000 units per order, the upside is that you could get the best price in the market. Just be certain that the shipment, the transportation, and the storage unit are well arranged and ready for this enormous order of imported goods. 

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Brendan Elias Shares The Basics Of His Importing Method

By: Mark Dilton – Content source from

He’s still young — but he’s one of the richest blokes in Australia. He doesn’t claim to be better or smarter than anyone but he sure has the know-how in making importing a completely lucrative business for all those who are brave enough to venture into it. For Brendan Elias, the process shouldn’t be too complicated; the simpler and more accessible, the better.

Elias claims there’s no need to be intimidated with the global market, for with the right information, one would find that everything he needs to be successful has already been provided — it’s all just a matter of making the right decisions. And when it comes to making the right decisions, Elias has an impressive track record.

His importing method is all about values. He claims that his success story was only possible due to his dedication to what he was doing and the desire to really learn the principles of the trade. The principles are not even that hard, and anybody — even someone who doesn’t have a business degree like he does — can learn them. The more important thing to keep in mind, however, is the proper use or application of these principles.

Elias always stresses the proper or right way, like in the selection process of manufacturers to get supplies from; it’s not always about the low price of the products, it’s also about the quality-conscious process of the manufacturing company. It’s crucial to create a good image for a business, so an importer has to make sure that what he sells are safe, good-quality, and will likely be repurchased by customers or even recommend to others.

Aside from that, Elias also draws attention to the choice of products to sell. China has the widest range of products and the bounty can easily overwhelm anybody. He lists down the products that are attractive, useful or relevant in the lives of people, and will surely sell like ice-cold lemonade on a hot day.

Lastly, he teaches the importance of proper negotiation skills especially in determining the cost of products, shipping, et cetera. Everybody knows that the Chinese have quite an interesting method for negotiation, and every importer must learn how to use these special negotiation skills to his great advantage.

These are just some of the basics of the Import Guru’s methods, but they are effective both within the virtual marketplace and in the traditional business setting. For more lessons about the “right” method, visit

Brendan Elias Leads The New Breed Of Online Entrepreneurs

After the dot com bubble of the nineties, a new generation has taken advantage of the World Wide Web and the benefits it offers. But instead of focusing on shares of Internet companies, this second wave of online entrepreneurs has focused on selling merchandise ranging from electronics to clothing and novelties.

Brendan Elias knows this all too well because he is just like the countless of individuals out there who wanted to abandon their jobs and seek fortunes elsewhere. Luckily with Brendan, he found his escape from the rat race in the internet world.

Having an online business where you can sell marketable products can be very promising. One of the advantages of opening an online store is that overhead costs are virtually eliminated, if not minimised. In turn, prospective entrepreneurs face a lower barrier as to beginning their operations. Consumers benefit too as these savings are translated to lower prices — significantly lower compared to goods sold in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Secondly, by having an online presence, businesses can enjoy a wider range. Businesses can choose to focus on a domestic market or even on an international level.

For Elias, his foray into online selling (and subsequently, importing) is but a natural progression, learning about the ropes of importing from his father who had earlier on tapped on the popularity of Casio and Seiko wristwatches and Donkey Kong handheld games to begin a profitable venture. Instead of pursuing a career in law, he now handles the operations of his own online retail empire.

Dubbed as Australia’s Import Guru by media outfits like Mornings with Kerri-Anne, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Newspaper in Melbourne, Elias combined his keen understanding of how the online auction market operates with an expert understanding of the importing business. Over the past few years, he has managed to import various items ranging from pedometers to DVD players at astounding prices; he was able to mark up these products between 50% and 100% while managing to keep them below prevailing prices in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Elias’ success proves that the online realm is still a viable option for those who seek to exit the corporate rat race. The key lies in finding the right supplier, which Elias has mastered through the years.

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